Home Design Plan 7x7m with 3 Bedrooms

House design Plan 7x7m with 3 Bedrooms. The House has: -2 Car Parking small garden -Living room, -Dining room, -Kitchen, -3 Bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, -1 Restroom, Store under the stair.

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-ground floor jpg, Pdf 3d photo…(Layout plan, Elevation, section)

-Sketchup file in Meter

-Autocad file (Layout plan, Elevation, section)

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6 thoughts on “Home Design Plan 7x7m with 3 Bedrooms

    1. I love the design infact I’d like to have details send to my email. Thank you very much. Perfect design very economical.

  1. I love the design infatic i would like to the have the details size can you able to send it to my email.

  2. I like the house plan 7×7 three bedroom, two bathroom and store under the stires. Can i get a detailed plan, and can u make some changes for the sitting, dinning and kitchen changed to the right hand side then car park, stires, store, bathroom to the left and visa vi the next floor

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