10 Three-Bedroom House Plans

10 Three-Bedroom House Plans

In this article, we will analyze the different room distributions that three-bedroom house plans can have, making the choice of homes much easier, and we will be able to obtain a clear idea of ​​how we would like to have our home.

House with 4 Pitches

When referring to a house with 4 pitches, we are talking about its roof since it has a pyramidal shape but remains a little more flattened and usually ends in a point.

10 Three-Bedroom House Plans

The distribution of this house is completely comfortable and spacious, as are most of the houses in New City Paradise Housing Society. The house has an open concept in terms of the living room, dining room, and kitchen, giving enough privacy to the rooms as they are isolated by a wall and being able to enter them by passing through a corridor.

In the same way, it has a perfect outdoor space for meetings and a large enough garage.

Simple 2-story Houses

If you like to keep a slightly more personalized layout, a two-story house may be ideal, as seen in Capital Smart City.

10 Three-Bedroom House Plans

There are 2 floors; on the ground floor, we will find the guest bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen, and we will only come across the rooms when entering the upper floor.

Houses of 65 m 2

To get a three-bedroom house, you don’t necessarily need a large piece of land. All you need is to know how to distribute the spaces for each room.

10 Three-Bedroom House Plans

In the case of this design, we have the living room just when we enter, and the rest of the rooms around the land, that is, each of the most common rooms, such as the kitchen and the dining room, are separated from one another.

2-story Modern House

In this design, we can find a rustic but modern facade, as well as open concept rooms on the first floor, which gives those who enter it a feeling of freedom and great comfort.

10 Three-Bedroom House Plans

Upon entering the second floor, we find that all rooms, including the bathroom. There is ample enough space for anyone to move comfortably.

2-story Luxury Houses

In this case, the facade tries to keep all those features that make it luxurious, such as windows and white walls.

10 Three-Bedroom House Plans

On the first floor, we find a spacious living room next to the kitchen in an open concept, but with the option of entering a small restroom that mimics the atmosphere of the living room but is smaller.

Check out Blue World City for room decoration ideas.

Upon entering the second floor, we find that the rooms are distributed in a more comfortable and easy way. There is only a small hallway space that leads to the guest bathroom and to the bedrooms, including the master bedroom with its own bathroom.

L-shaped Houses

As its name indicates, the structure of these houses is characterized by its L-shape, so on entering the house, we will find two corridors; one of them will lead us to the bedrooms and bathrooms, while the other to the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

L-shaped Houses

10×20 Houses

In the case of this house, the distribution is usually very basic and simple since it is a corridor that leads to the rooms with doors on the sides.

10×20 Houses

Upon entering, we will come across the living room, which gives way to the corridor that has the doors to the rest of the rooms.

Three Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms

The truth is that we can find an infinity of options when including two bathrooms in a house, but in this case, the model is very simple, having to enter through the living room that will allow us to reach the other rooms through a long corridor that runs through the entire house.

Three Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms

In this case, the main bathroom is located at the back of the house, right in the middle of two rooms, while the guest bathroom is located near the living room.

Three Single Bedrooms

In this design, an open concept is maintained between the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room, but the kitchen is separated from the living room with a worktop where the gastronomic tasks are carried out.

The rest of the house is distributed with a wide corridor that leads to two rooms and the main room, which has its own bathroom.

14×9 Two-story Houses

It is not necessary to have a house of too many square meters for it to be two-story, so in this design, it is possible to appreciate how on the first floor the hall leads to the living room, that is, it offers two totally different but comfortable meeting environments.

Similarly, the kitchen has a room exclusively for it, which is next to the guest bathroom and near the door that leads to the garage.

On the second floor, we find a very wide corridor that leads to the three rooms of the house and the main bathroom. It must be taken into account that the second floor is a little smaller than the first because the design of the house is reduced according to the height.

There are thousands of options when it comes to designing a house and placing the distribution of the rooms. You just need to have some imagination and understand what our lifestyle is like. 10 Three-Bedroom House Plans.

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