Classic House with Three Floors, Three Bedrooms and 212 Square Meters

Classic House with Three Floors, Three Bedrooms and 212 Square Meters

The world is convulsed. More than a billion people have to stay home as the coronavirus storm passes. When one has to stay at home for so long, it is a good idea to have several environments, something that allows the family to share but also that gives each member space for himself. That is why I bring this plan; it seemed ideal for these moments.

Ground floor plan: Open concept living, kitchen and dining room

In the plan of the ground floor, we can see exemplified what was said in the first paragraph. It is a large open-concept space like most houses in Park View City. Living room to the front, dining room in the middle, and kitchen with island in the back. In turn, there are other spaces that support this area. The laundry room, the stairs, and a back porch where there is a toilet. We can also see that this floor has three access points.

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms distributed efficiently

The upper floor is simple, but that does not stop it from being functional. Two bedrooms in the rear. A full bath in the middle. At the front, we have a large bedroom suite with a balcony and a gigantic bathroom. Storage space in this bedroom can be a bit tight. But in general, this apartment is very good.

Second floor, two spaces divided by the bathroom and the stairs

Finally, on the second floor (or third, depending on how it is measured in your country), we have two spaces separated by a bathroom in the middle. I imagine, for example, an office and/or a play area. We could also use this space as a guest room or work area.

As you can see, it is a very functional house with space for each member of the family, both for the moments where they want to share and when they want to be alone. Each one can do what he wants / needs without “bothering” the rest. In these days of confinement at home, I think that having a house of this style is something that we could be grateful for.

Thanks for reading. If you want ideas on the latest architecture, check this here.

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