Super Small home Plan 6x8m

6x8m House description:

Architecture style: Modern Contemporary House

Bedrooms / K Sleeping: 3 pieces: 2 KT child 1 main KT (no KM)

bathrooms / KM: 2 pieces: 1 on the bottom floor 1 on the top floor

Building area: Effective building area 62 m2 / sq.m. 1st floor: 27m2 2nd floor: 35m2

Land width: 6m Foundation and structure: reinforced concrete (conventional)

Stories / number of floors: 2 Other features: outside carport There are two types of looks to choose from; gable or roof shield. laundry on the 1st floor of the front that works also for the side door. The clothesline is not visible from the street. Small land but can have 3 bedrooms with a relatively spacious impression.

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