Boutique Homes 29×51 with 3 Bedrooms

This designed Boutique Homes 29×51 by LegueArchitect

The Plan has been specially designed to meet narrow and deep terrain specifications.

We have reserved the front of the ground floor for the utility rooms and the back for the living rooms, thus conferring calm and privacy. Living room, kitchen and dining room are oriented towards the terrace for a direct contact with the outside.

For more space and brightness, we also opened the kitchen on the floor, which creates an interesting link with the level of the rooms.

Boutique Homes 29×51 with 3 Bedrooms description:

1908 ft²
Facade 29 ft
Depth 51 ft
Construction price: $ 260,000 to $ 310,000

Watch the video for more detail:

Check the plan for more detail:

This villa designed by LegueArchitectuer
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